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Certified Fraud Examiner

KAPP Edge is India’s First Fully Equipped CFE Tuition Provider

All you want to know about CFE:

CFE qualification is relevant for who are interested in investigation and  Forensic accounting. This credential is highly sought after. With increasing corporate fraud incidents and cyber security issues, this certification is all the more required. As a CFE, you may investigate fraudulent activities, uncover money laundering and do asset tracing.

CFE Benefits in Career

  • Highly in demand by Big 4’s, Banks, Government investigation agencies and banks.
  • Average package in India for fresh CFE is Rs. 5-9 lacs p.a.
  • Further specializations after CFE can be AML, CISA or similar.
  • Globally recognized certification

KAPP Edge’s Fraud Prevention Trainings



CFE Tuition Support in India

KAPP Edge has trained many fraud and forensic professionals worldwide. The success rate of our trained professionals is almost 100%. Best in class education , flexibility and affordability, these are our USP’s.

CFE 2018 exam prep material includes:

·         Video Lectures for CFE

·         Interactive online sessions.

·         Live classes-New Delhi-India.

·         Mock exams and practice questions.

·         Get a PASS Guarantee for life time.

·         Short crisp summary of chapters

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