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Certified Fraud Examiner

KAPP Edge is India’s First Fully Equipped CFE Tuition Provider

All you want to know about CFE:

CFE qualification is relevant for who are interested in investigation and  Forensic accounting. As a CFE, you may investigate fraudulent activities, uncover money laundering and do asset tracing. CFE recognition and scope is increasing in India.

Certified Fraud examiner Jobs in india

  • Highly in demand by Big 4’s, Banks, Government investigation agencies and banks.
  • Average package in India for fresh CFE is Rs. 5-9 lacs p.a.
  • Forensic accountants are great in demand.
  • Globally recognized certification

Corporate Fraud Prevention Training-at a glance 


CFE in india

CFE Course in india

Worldwide, we have trained thousands of fraud investigators and forensic professionals.The success rate of our trained professionals is almost 100%. Best in class education , flexibility and affordability, these are our USP’s.

CFE 2018 study material includes:

·         Video Lectures for CFE

·         Interactive online sessions.

·         Live classes-New Delhi-India.

·         Mock exams and practice questions.

·         Get a PASS Guarantee for life time.

·         Short crisp summary of chapters

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