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Financial Fraud Investigation Services

Companies that act with integrity in addressing fraud, bribery and corruption tend to gain a competitive edge. KAPP Edge continuously strive to help companies mitigate risk, investigate alleged misconduct and fraud and measure the financial implications of disputes.

KAPP Edge Investigation Services

Our forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering specialists work closely with the organizations and help mitigating financial fraud risk.

KAPP Edge provides the customized solutions to different industries, be it willful defaulter case investigation for banks or bribery allegation investigation in MNC’s, KAPP Edge has solutions for every company.

Our services includes:

  • Bribery case investigation (specialist in FCPA and U.K. Bribery Act)
  • Financial Due –diligence
  • Willful defaulter case investigation
  • Money laundering case investigation